Expand Customer Advocacy with Salesforce AppExchange app development

Fast-growing software company focused on advocate marketing partners with Transformyze to expand customer advocacy leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Renowned for its customer advocacy and digital community product, this client facilitates businesses in developing vibrant community spaces, where customers, developers, partners, and employees can connect, engage, and advocate for the brand.

By unlocking the power of communities, they enable businesses to transform customer enthusiasm into valuable social proof, insights, and peer-to-peer connections.

The client sought to expand the integration capabilities of its product with the Salesforce ecosystem by developing and listing a connector on the Appexchange, Salesforce enterprise cloud marketplace.

This entailed navigating through Salesforce’s technical and security requisites and ensuring the connector added value to users by facilitating seamless interactions between the client’s platform and Salesforce.

Transformyze, adept in crafting tailored tech solutions, addressed the client’s challenge by onboarding one of our AppExchange app experts.

Strategic Approaches:

  • In-depth Analysis: Began with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing platform, identifying specific user needs and technical requirements for the Appexchange connector.
  • Seamless Integration: Developed a connector ensuring secure and smooth data interchange between the Influitive platform and Salesforce.
  • User-centric Design: Implemented a UI/UX design that was not only coherent with the client’s existing platform but also offered easy navigation and optimal performance for the end-users.
  • Security Compliance: Prioritized fulfilling Salesforce’s rigorous security and compliance standards, ensuring the connector was robust and secure.


Successful Submission and Approval:

Despite the inherent complexities and strict approval requisites posed by Salesforce, the connector was successfully submitted and approved for listing on Salesforce AppExchange.

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