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We help you revolutionize Healthcare through digital innovation by matching you with the best talents and strongly supporting you in their delivery.

Female healthcare professional managing remote teams with stethoscope and clipboard.
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In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for innovative digital healthcare solutions is on the rise. At Transformyze, we partnered with the best healthcare technology experts and vendors to offer comprehensive Digital Healthcare Solutions Development services tailored to the specific needs of virtual care providers, healthcare software vendors, and specialized clinic chains.

Work with specialists who helped key healthcare Organizations

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Specialists able to serve any kind of healthcare player

Healthcare Digital Solutions Services We Offer

Crafted to serve demanding organizations

Product Design & Product Management

  • Patient/Provider user experience design
  • Strategic roadmap planning and product management
  • R&D and idea prototyping
  • AI use-cases design and FHIR/interoperability strategy consulting

Digital Healthcare Applications & Platforms Development

  • Patient/Provider interaction platforms development
  • Telemedicine/Virtual Care platforms and SaaS
  • Engaging Patient-facing mobile apps
  • EMR (Electronic medical record) systems development
  • Clinician/practitioner portals


  • EHR integrations with HL7/FHIR (Epic, Cerner, AllScripts, etc.)
  • HIE integrations & Data Ingestion/ETL
  • Integration with RPM devices and laboratories
  • SMART on FHIR based integrations and EHR extensions

Cloud, Data, and Compliance Services

  • Healthcare Data Warehouse design and implementation
  • HIPAA compliant Cloud Architecture, Design, Setup, cost optimization, maintenance
  • Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning

Why Work with Transformyze to support your healthcare digital initatives

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Logo indicating hipaa compliance for managing remote teams, featuring a blue shield with a medical cross and the text "hipaa compliant".

Expertise and Compliance

The Healthcare digital solutions experts who are part of the Transformyze network come with a unique blend of expertise in healthcare technologies and standards, such as FHIR, HIPAA, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, IEC 62304 and deep healthcare/medical domain expertise.

They have extensive experience developing digital healthcare solutions for various needs, including oncology, diabetes, mental health, ALS, clinical trials, radiology, etc.

⁠risk free trial And rapid prototyping

Experience the talent of your choice for a trial period of up to two weeks.

If it is relevant to your case, we will propose a rapid prototyping approach to provide you with a functional solution prototype within 4 weeks. This approach gives you quick results, which is the best way to assess our performance and productivity. 

If you are dissatisfied with our performance within the first two weeks of our cooperation, we won’t bill you.

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Graphical representation of monthly productivity, crucial for managing remote teams, showing fluctuating revenue and result metrics over a six-month period.
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A man with a beard and glasses, wearing a blue shirt over a white t-shirt, looking at the camera with a neutral expression, skilled at managing remote teams.
A bearded man in a blue polo shirt smiling at the camera with his arms crossed, skilled at managing remote teams.
A woman smiling at the camera with her arms crossed, specializing in managing remote teams and wearing a striped shirt.
Cost-effective healthcare digital solution and data specialists

Cost effectiveness

We offer a combination of top rare experts and vetted younger engineers at reasonable prices, delivering the best value for you.

Free Pre-made Healthcare Accelerators

We have several pre-made healthcare accelerators you can get for free if you decide to work with us, such as a 100% customizable patient-facing mobile app that can be integrated with any EMR you already use or the custom one we can build for you.

We also offer a self-deployed HIPAA-compliant GCP/AWS cloud configuration with Kubernetes and several other accelerators. These accelerators can save you tens of thousands of dollars and several months of developers/DevOps work.

A healthcare professional managing remote teams with a stethoscope against a background of medical service icons.

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