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Discover the power of Virtual Assistant Managed Services for enterprises. From administrative tasks to strategic project management, our VAs are here to streamline your operations and drive productivity to new heights.

Welcome to Enhanced Efficiency: Virtual Assistants Managed Services for Enterprises

In the dynamic landscape of enterprise operations, efficiency is key. Our Virtual Assistant Managed Services offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your business processes and elevate productivity across all levels.

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How Are Screened Transformyze Network's VAs

4-step screening process

Each Salesforce Virtual Assistant must pass a screening process to measure subject matter expertise, professionalism, and communication skills. These include

Resume review

We eliminate any applicant who does not meet our requirements and prepare a batch of the most qualified applications to be screened during the next step.
Step1: Resume review
Step 2: Language and soft skills

Language and soft skills evaluation

We evaluate virtual assistants' language and soft skills, assessing their vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, empathy, problem-solving, and customer interaction through tests and role-playing. We also gather user and expert feedback and measure response accuracy, speed, and engagement.

Hard skills review

Our VA hiring Managers test each candidate’s hard skills, including data entry, writing, project management, software proficiency (CRM, CMS, Bookkeeping, etc.), and business process compliance.

Step 3: Hard skills review
Step 4: Continued professional excellence

Continued professional excellence

We ensure all professionals part of the Transformyze network receive regular training to to enhance performance and maintain a track record of successful client projects delivered.

Why Choose Our Virtual Assistant Managed Services for Enterprises?

End-to-End Support

From routine administrative tasks to strategic project management, our VAs provide comprehensive assistance tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit from professional managed services without the overhead costs associated with hiring additional in-house staff.

Experienced Professionals

Our VAs are seasoned experts with a proven track record of supporting enterprises in diverse industries, ensuring top-notch service delivery.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Administrative Support

  • Calendar management
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation

HR and Recruitment Assistance

  • Job posting management
  • Candidate screening
  • Interview scheduling

Marketing and Sales Support

  • Lead generation
  • CRM management
  • Sales report analysis

Project Management

  • Task allocation
  • Progress tracking
  • Budget management

Virtual Assistant Managed Services

  • Service optimization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Continuous improvement initiatives

Travel Management

Our virtual assistants handle all travel arrangements, including flights, accommodations, and itineraries, saving you time and ensuring the best options for your trip.

Event Planning

Organize successful events without the stress. Our VAs handle venue bookings, vendor negotiations, attendee registration, and on-site coordination tasks.

Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Management:

Stay on top of your schedule with our VAs managing your appointments. They ensure that your calendar is organized and updated, helping you maximize your time.

How Our Virtual Assistant Managed Services Work

If you’re in need of personalized support that caters to your unique business requirements, we’ve got you covered. Our approach is designed to guide you step-by-step and ensure that you receive the necessary assistance, starting from the initial consultation through to ongoing collaboration. With a dedicated virtual assistant at your service, you can easily boost your productivity and free up your time.

  • Step 1: Tell Us What You Need

    Tell our Customer Success team what are your requirements

  • Step 2: Customized Strategy

    A personalized approach is developed to address your specific operational requirements effectively.

  • Step 3: Dedicated Team Assignment

    Our VAs are meticulously matched to your enterprise, ensuring expertise alignment for optimal results.

  • Step 4: Begin Your Work Journey With A Guaranteed Perfect Fit

    Collaborate with your recently onboarded virtual assistants to boost your productivity and expand your business in a cost-effective and smooth manner. If the match isn't perfect, we'll implement the required adjustments to guarantee you have only the most appropriate people for the task.

  • Step 5: Ongoing Collaboration

    Regular performance evaluations and feedback mechanisms guarantee seamless integration and sustained efficiency.

Our assistants have been trained on the software your use

Our virtual assistants are highly skilled in various software applications such as CRM, marketing automation, helpdesk, project management, bookkeeping, video editing tools, and more.

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