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Transformyze matches you in less than 72 hours with world-class talents among the best in creating state-of-the-art  EMR/EHR solutions.

Healthcare professional managing remote teams while holding a tablet displaying an electronic medical record system.

At Transformyze, we understand the critical role that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems play in the healthcare industry.

That’s why we are dedicated to enhancing your medical software with cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and improve patient care.

Healthcare professionals managing remote teams analyzing digital medical data and human body scans.

Work with specialists who helped key healthcare players

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We can help with any EMR/EHR solutions implementation services

A healthcare professional reviews brain scans on a computer while managing remote teams over the telephone.

Advanced EMR/EHR Features Development

The specialists of our network help you create sophisticated features that go beyond basic functionalities, providing you with tools that cater to the complex needs of modern healthcare providers.

Interoperability Solutions

Enjoy an expertise that ensures your system communicates flawlessly with other healthcare software, enabling a unified and efficient healthcare IT ecosystem.

Person managing remote teams using a laptop with futuristic digital icons overlaying the workspace, symbolizing modern technology and digital interface.
Healthcare professionals managing remote teams by analyzing patient data on computer screens in a high-tech medical control center.

Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our powerful analytics and custom reporting tools, designed to support healthcare professionals in making evidence-based decisions.

Cost-effective and higher ROI for
your EMR/EHR Solutions


Competitive Edge with Advanced Features

Stay ahead of the curve by equipping your EMR/EHR system with innovative features that set you apart from the competition.


Seamless Integration with Other Healthcare Systems

Break down silos and facilitate coordinated care by ensuring your system works in harmony with other healthcare technologies.


Informed Decision Making with Data Insights:

Leverage the power of data to make informed decisions that improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Everything To Simplify and Facilitate your implementation journey

Quick Onboarding

Rely on our healthcare solution experts who can quickly understand your project requirements and objectives, while seamlessly integrating with your team and stakeholders.
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Strong Engagement Management

Enjoy hands-on support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager and experienced project manager, typically a seasoned healthcare tech solutions expert, to simplify your engagement journey.
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Continuous Feedback Collection

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to regularly check in and ensure your expectations are met, so we can provide the best possible experience and results.
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Guaranteed Replacement

If you're not satisfied with the performance of our developer, we're committed to replacing them within 72 hours at no additional cost. Our network is designed to allow us to quickly replace your developer with someone who possesses the same skill set and is already familiar with the context of your project.

Flexible, adaptative and on-demand

Flexible project scheme

Looking for developers to provide implementation services? We can adjust to your needs, whether part-time, full-time, or changing over time.


Scalable and integrated to your team

Enjoy collaborating with highly skilled specialists who seamlessly integrate with your team and can easily scale up as needed.

Adaptable to any timezone

The EMR/EHR specialists in the Transformyze network are located worldwide and are able to collaborate with you according to your time zone constraints and public holidays.

Let Us Match You With The Best Talent And Enjoy A 14-Day Risk-Free Trial

Frequently asked questions

What are my payment terms and options?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. Also, We typically invoice our clients twice a month.

Our invoices are generated with Net 10 terms.

We can issue invoicing with payment via PO, wire or cheque for Enterprise accounts. Contact us here or click on the chat icon for more information.

Who owns the Intellectual Property of the work created by Transformyze talent?

As per the client agreement, any Intellectual Property generated through Transformyze belongs to the client, who holds exclusive publishing rights worldwide. Transformyze and its employees do not have any ownership rights over the Intellectual Property of the created work.

How Does The 14-Day No-Risk Trial Work?​

At the beginning of every project, we offer a two-week trial period where you can evaluate the assigned professional and determine if they meet your expectations. This allows you to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the engagement.

Once we complete our work, we will send you a detailed invoice for the time that was invested. Our main priority is ensuring your total satisfaction, which is why we will only proceed with billing once we have confirmed your contentment with the final outcome. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the results, we are ready to halt the project or connect you with a more suitable professional, all without any additional charges. This allows you the opportunity to start fresh with a different specialist, eliminating any financial risks involved.

Where are your talents located?

At present, we possess skilled solution experts in 15 countries, mainly located in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Do Transformyze talents communicate in my preferred language(s)?

Our team members at Transformyze possess exceptional proficiency in both verbal and written English, along with fluency in other languages including French, Spanish, and Portuguese. If your project necessitates specific language expertise, kindly inform us, and we will assign a team member who can cater to your requirements most efficiently.