Transformyze is a platform that links businesses in need of Salesforce Tableau development with highly skilled and affordable developers, architects, and other specialists. Startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger organizations, collaborate with Transformyze to strengthen their development teams for Salesforce Tableau projects and accomplish their business goals.

Fast-growing startups, SMBs, larger organizations trust us.

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Are you looking for an affordable Salesforce Tableau developer?

Easier said than done

Supercharge your business with enterprise analytics. Tableau is the broadest and deepest analytics platform with the flexibility to grow as your data strategy evolves. Einstein, our industry-leading AI, is built right in — making it easy to inject data into your business culture, find insights, and achieve better outcomes.

Tableau allows users to connect to various data sources, create interactive and shareable dashboards, and perform in-depth data analysis to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

In other words, your Tableau solution’s improvement or maintenance operations require particular attention.

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Three questions

The only three questions you need to answer first are:
  • What is the cost of hiring someone who can work with Salesforce Tableau?
  • Where to locate Tableau developers who possess adequate experience and a focus on customer success?
  • Looking to hire skilled Salesforce Tableau developers and want to ensure they have the expertise you need?

For answers, just read on.

First option: Hire a Salesforce Tableau Developer as an employee

When deciding whether to hire a Salesforce Tableau Developer, it is important to consider the implications carefully.

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More project engagement

Having frequent and in-person discussions about a project can greatly enhance engagement and productivity among team members. The opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts on a regular basis ensures that everyone involved is on the same page, and helps to keep the project moving forward towards its goals.

A more robust level of employee loyalty.

Offering in-house developers room to grow and a steady salary increases the likelihood of retaining them and cultivating a long-term interest in your company.

Easier to keep company information secret

Keeping company information confidential is easier when you have in-house developers who have signed an agreement to prevent them from stealing ideas used in your products and sharing them with competitors if they leave the company.


High Salary

A US Salesforce Tableau developer can earn a yearly salary of at least $106,843.

Company-Paid Benefits

It’s common for startups, companies, and businesses to offer attractive perks such as unlimited paid leave, free gym memberships, and unlimited coffee to attract top talent. However, these perks come at a cost that should be considered when hiring full-time developers. Let’s examine some of the fundamental benefits offered by companies as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The mandated benefits that individuals must receive by law, including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance, account for 8.5%.
  • Medical, dental, and life insurance have a cost percentage of 7.6%.
  • Paid leave accounts for a percentage of 6.7%
  • Retirement and savings have an annual interest rate of 4.3%.
  • Yearly incentive: 3.5%
  • Additional compensation (additional hours worked and bonuses): 2.6%
  • The employment training tax is levied at a rate of 0.1% on the initial $7,000.

Indirect Costs

Do you want to know what indirect costs are? Essentially, these are overhead expenses that help a company maintain its daily operations. Indirect costs can be classified into three main categories: fringe benefits, overheads, and general & administrative (G&A) expenses. On average, companies typically spend around 25% and 18% of an employee’s salary on overheads and G&A expenses, respectively.

In reality, a full-time Salesforce Tableau specialist would cost $188,264.

In the United Kingdom, seniors earn up to £78.5K per year ($94K). This may be affordable for some, but it is still too expensive for many startups and SMBs.

Office Rent

When it comes to renting an office space in a bustling city like New York, the cost can be quite significant. On average, the rent for an office space per employee in New York can be around $15,000 per year. This figure takes into account various factors such as the location of the office, the size of the space, and the amenities and facilities that are included.

Unstable Workloads

When you have in-house developers working for you, you are responsible for their salaries, even during periods when there is no work to be done. This means that you must carefully manage your budget and resources to ensure that you can continue to pay your developers fairly and consistently, while also avoiding financial strain on your company.

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Second option: Hire a Salesforce integration company

Software integration companies can specialize in Salesforce implementation or offer broader services. They vary in size and offer end-to-end implementation.



Companies providing Salesforce integration services are capable of working on projects of any size and complexity, ensuring seamless integration with the Salesforce platform.

Internal pool of talents

Salesforce implementation companies can mobilize a team of specialists including Business Analysts, Developers, Architects, and QA professionals who work together to meet your specific requirements.

Market verticals specialization

They have expertise in multiple market segments.

Project management office

They actively manage the projects as well as the associated deadlines. 

Point of contacts

Different contact persons are available to assist with specific needs: Project Manager for project-related concerns, Solution Specialists for technical support, and Account Manager for account management.

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(Very) expensive! To offer you decent Salesforce Tableau developers, these companies need to run costly business operations (with full-time employees, training tax, compliance, sales development, tax, insurance, office rent, etc.).

No interest in small projects

They are generally not interested in taking up small projects.

Cannot start immediately

Starting a project is not possible immediately as it requires some lead time to make the necessary preparations beforehand.

Lack of flexibility

  • It’s not possible to easily start, pause, or restart a project based on your requirements.
  • Changes to project scope or tasks may result in delayed implementation and additional costs.
  • It is difficult to terminate business with the company due to the legal terms that clients must agree to before working with them.

Staff more people than needed

Some companies tend to hire more staff than required for their projects.

Rely themselves on freelancers

They often rely on freelancers for projects due to a lack of senior/expert profiles, resulting in higher costs and difficulties in integrating them into their team.

Low expertise offshore talents

Offshore developers are sometimes offered by integrators, but their expertise quality is often (much) lower than their Western counterparts despite being cheaper.

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Third option: Salesforce recruitment firm

Salesforce staffing agencies have become popular in recent years for companies seeking to find freelance Salesforce Tableau developers without relying on integrators.


Existing database

They already have a database of contactable freelancers. 


They will be able to find candidates faster than you can.


They will perform a pre-screening of the candidates for you.

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Limited screening

Recruitment firms often lack the necessary proficiency in Salesforce Tableau to thoroughly screen job candidates.

Not cheap

They add a 10-30% markup to already expensive Western developer rates.

Limited pool of talents

It is important to note that when using headhunting firms, their database of freelancers may seem extensive, but in reality, they only offer a limited pool of candidates for your specific needs. This is because all headhunting firms are competing for the same available freelancers in the national market. Consequently, the available freelancers are in high demand, making them more expensive.

Hard to get the best talents

Most highly sought-after freelancers prefer not to work with headhunting firms due to concerns about the commoditization of their expertise and the reduction of their rates.

No backup developer

Due to their business model, they cannot provide a backup developer with the same skill set in case of an issue.

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Fourth option: hire yourself through online freelancing platforms

When a company needs to hire a freelance Salesforce Tableau developer, it typically turns to online platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Truelancer, Guru, and Hubstaff.


Large pool of talents

There are many qualified Salesforce contractors available on these platforms, giving you a wide array of freelancers to choose from in finding your ideal professional.

Easy to use

Using these platforms is very simple. All you need to do is register and post a detailed job description that specifies the order details, budget estimation, and deadlines. Once you’ve done that, freelancers will start applying for your order. You just need to review their profiles and select the most suitable candidate.


They offer both hourly rates and fixed prices, which are affordable and competitive.

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Low prices do not equate to a high-quality

It’s common to find beginner or underskilled Salesforce Tableau contractors on low-cost platforms, but low prices do not guarantee high-quality work.


Finding the perfect contractor can be a very time-consuming process, involving tasks such as interviewing and evaluating candidates.

Lack of responsiveness

Lack of contractor responsiveness to job requests is frustrating.

No talent vetting

It should be noted that none of the contractors listed on these platforms have undergone any form of serious vetting process.

Scam risks

Some scammers posing as contractors use these platforms to deceive businesses seeking freelancers. Though infrequent, it can occur.

No support

If you are unhappy with the hired contractors, you will receive no support from their customer service team. You must repeat the tedious hiring process to find a more suitable candidate.

How can I locate skilled, cost-effective, and dependable freelance Salesforce Tableau developers?

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Our recommendation: Transformyze

Transformyze is a platform that helps businesses find experienced and reliable Salesforce and Tableau developers who have been thoroughly vetted.

In other words, you won’t waste time and money on unqualified individuals.

Transformyze simplifies hiring Salesforce Tableau developers by offering high-quality work at an affordable price. They work with developers from 14 countries to ensure safety and reliability.


4-step screening process

Every Salesforce Tableau developer must undergo a screening process that assesses their subject matter expertise, professionalism, and communication skills.

Resume review

We filter out unqualified applicants and select the top candidates for screening.

Step1: Resume review
Step 2: Language and soft skills

Language and soft skills evaluation

As part of our evaluation process, we assess the applicant's communication skills in both oral and written English. We believe that a developer's job goes beyond just writing code, which is why we also evaluate their personality traits and motivations. Our goal is to find candidates who possess innovative thinking, collaboration skills, ability to meet deadlines, and a deep understanding of end users' perspectives.

Hard skills review

Our senior developers and architects evaluate candidates based on their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and Salesforce knowledge. We use a variety of assessments including Apex, Ampscript, SSJS, IDE, and more.

Step 3: Hard skills review
Step 4: Continued professional excellence

Continued professional excellence

We ensure that all professionals in the Transformyze network have a successful track record of delivering client projects.


Quick matching

Because your time is valuable and your project cannot wait, Transformyze matches you with the right Salesforce Tableau developer within just 72 hours.

Guaranteed replacement

We guarantee a replacement developer within 72 hours or less.

Flexible project terms

Our project terms are flexible and can be customized according to your needs. You can choose to work with us on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis.

Direct communication

You can directly communicate with the developer to discuss project requirements, revisions, and concerns.

Weekly project status

It would be great to receive a weekly project status update automatically, without having to specifically request it.

Internal Technical Project Manager

Our team will provide an Internal Technical Project Manager to oversee and ensure the quality of the developer’s work, at no additional cost.

Real customer support

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always available to assist with any concerns.


We are constantly adding new software ecosystems, but there may be some technologies that we cannot currently assist with.

To see which ecosystems we support, please check here.

Try Us Up To 14 Days For A No-Risk Trial Period

Start collaborating with your developer for a trial period of two weeks. Then, if you aren’t delighted, you won’t be charged.


From $45 to $80 per hour
  • Hundred of Salesforce developers and other specialists available
  • Hand-picked matching in less than 72 hours
  • Developer time tracking with screenshots
  • Free internal technical Project Manager
  • Full-time, part-time, hourly engagement available
  • Developer replacement guarantee
  • Dedicated customer success manager


Custom pricing
  • All Solo talent benefits
  • Your "Salesforce team as service" on-demand
  • Combine any kind of talents
  • Affordable blended and degressive rate according to the number of talents needed
  • Scale up or scale down at anytime your team according to your needs
  • Adapt to any kind of purpose: join existing team, autonomous team, implementation or support activities,etc.

Let us simplify your Salesforce talent hiring process in few clicks

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Frequently asked questions

What are my payment terms and options?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. Also, We typically invoice our clients twice a month.

Our invoices are generated with Net 10 terms.

We can issue invoicing with payment via PO, wire or cheque for Enterprise accounts. Contact us here or click on the chat icon for more information.

Who owns the Intellectual Property of the work created by Transformyze talent?

According to our client agreement, any Intellectual Property produced as a result of Transformyze is the property of the client, and they possess exclusive worldwide publishing rights. Neither Transformyze nor its employees possess any ownership rights to the created work’s Intellectual Property.

How Does The 14-Day No-Risk Trial Work?​

During the start of each engagement, a trial period of two weeks is provided to allow an evaluation of the professional we have matched you with to ensure that they meet your expectations. This enables you to make an informed decision on whether to continue the engagement or not.

Once our work is finished, we will provide you with an invoice for the time spent. Our priority is your utmost satisfaction, which is why we will only proceed with billing after verifying that you are satisfied with the end product. If you are unhappy with the results, we are willing to pause the project or connect you with a more suitable professional, at no additional cost to you. This gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start with a different specialist without any financial risk.

Where are your talents located?

Currently, we have proficient solution specialists spanning 15 nations, primarily situated in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Do Transformyze talents communicate in my preferred language(s)?

Our team members at Transformyze possess exceptional proficiency in both verbal and written English, along with fluency in other languages including French, Spanish, and Portuguese. If your project necessitates specific language expertise, kindly inform us, and we will assign a team member who can cater to your requirements most efficiently.