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Transformyze is a curated network of affordable and talented Salesforce Financial Services Cloud specialists. Startup founders, SMBs and larger corporations leaders work with Transformyze to augment their Financial Services Cloud implementation capabilities to achieve their business goals.

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Trying to find a Great Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant without breaking the bank?

Easier said than done

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an enterprise cloud-computing solution designed for financial services companies. It enables organizations to manage customer data and deliver personalized experiences through advanced analytics and AI-driven automation. With it, companies can offer sophisticated solutions in areas such as finance, compliance, fraud prevention, claims management, and HR.

In other words, your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solution’s improvement or maintenance operations require particular attention.

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Three questions

The only three questions you need to answer first are:
  • How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant?
  • Where to find Salesforce Financial Services Cloud specialists with decent experience and a customer success-oriented mindset?
  • How to hire Salesforce Financial Services Cloud developers who know their craft?

For answers, just read on.

First option: Hire a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant as an employee

For some companies, hiring a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud developer can be a wise decision. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider the significant implications that come with this choice.

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More project engagement

Increased project engagement can be achieved when team members working on the same project engage in regular face-to-face conversations. This enables them to discuss the project frequently, leading to a smoother workflow and better project outcomes.

A more robust level of employee loyalty.

By providing opportunities for career growth and a stable salary, your in-house developers are more inclined to stay with your company for the long haul, demonstrating a genuine interest in your organization.

Easier to keep company information secret

Maintaining the confidentiality of company information is relatively effortless as internal developers can be requested to sign an agreement, preventing them from utilizing any ideas from your products and sharing them with competitors after their departure.


High Salary

The average annual salary for a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud specialist in the US is at least $134,583.

Numerous startups, corporations, and enterprises are providing unique perks like unlimited paid time off, endless coffee, complimentary gym memberships, and additional incentives to entice top-notch professionals. It is essential to consider these expenses when hiring full-time developers. Now, let’s examine some fundamental company-provided benefits based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The legally mandated benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance amount to 8.5%.
  • Medical, dental, and life insurance have a cost of 7.6%.
  • Paid leave accounts for 6.7% of time off
  • Retirement and savings: 4.3% is the interest rate applicable.
  • The annual bonus is set at 3.5%.
  • 2.6% is the additional compensation provided for overtime work and premium services.
  • The employment training tax is levied at a rate of 0.1% on the initial $7,000.

Indirect costs refer to the overhead expenses that support the daily functioning of a company. These costs can be classified into three main categories: fringe benefits, overhead, and general & administrative (G&A). On average, companies allocate around 25% and 18% of employees’ salaries to overhead and G&A expenses, respectively.

To put it differently, if a company were to hire a full-time Salesforce Financial Services Cloud developer, the actual cost would amount to $188,264.

Seniors in the United Kingdom receive an annual salary of £78,500, equivalent to $94,000 annually. While this amount is relatively affordable, it may still be expensive for numerous startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Office Rent

Just a quick reference for you: the average cost of renting an office per employee per year in a city like New York is around $15,000.

Unstable Workloads

When collaborating with in-house developers, it may be necessary to compensate them even when there are periods of downtime without work.

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Second option: Hire a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation company

There are two types of software implementation companies – generalists and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Pure Players. These companies come in various sizes and specialize in specific “Clouds”, offering complete Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation services.



Capable of working on projects of any size and level of complexity. 

Internal pool of talents

Various experts, including business analysts, developers, architects, and QA specialists, can be coordinated to ensure that your requirements are effectively addressed. They strive to deliver their best efforts in meeting your needs.

Market verticals specialization

They have expertise in multiple industry sectors.

Project management office

Actively overseeing the project and ensuring timely completion of tasks and deadlines.

Point of contacts

Various individuals are available to assist you in resolving any issues you may face, such as the Project Manager, Solution Specialists, Account Manager, and more.

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Very expensive

The cost of hiring decent Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultants from these companies can be quite high. This is due to the expensive nature of their business operations, which include expenses such as full-time employee salaries, training costs, taxes, compliance fees, sales development, insurance, and office rent.

No interest in small projects

They are usually not inclined towards small projects.

Cannot start immediately

They won’t be able to start the project right away. They require some lead time to prepare.

  • You are unable to easily initiate, halt, or resume a project based on your requirements.
  • Modifications to the scope or tasks of projects occasionally require a significant amount of time to be implemented and can sometimes lead to additional expenses being incurred by you.
  • It can be challenging to terminate business relations with them because clients must first agree to certain legal terms in order to collaborate with them.

Staff more people than needed

Some of these companies tend to assign more persons than needed to their projects.

Rely themselves on freelancers

Many companies depend on freelancers for various projects due to the absence of senior and expert profiles in their team. However, this often results in a higher bill for you, and integrating these freelancers with their teams can sometimes be challenging.

Low-expertise offshore talents

Occasionally, certain integrators provide offshore developers, and while they may be more cost-effective compared to their counterparts in the West, their skills and expertise tend to be significantly lower.

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Third option: Salesforce Financial Services Cloud recruitment firm

In recent years, they have become popular among companies looking to end challenging partnerships with integrators and instead find a suitable Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant.


Existing database

They already have a database of freelancers who can be contacted.


They have the ability to discover potential candidates quicker than you.


The candidates are pre-screened for you.

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Limited screening

Often, they lack the necessary expertise in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to thoroughly evaluate job applicants.

Not cheap

Not inexpensive: On average, they add an additional 10-30% markup to the already high rates of Western developers.

Limited pool of talents

There is a restricted number of talented individuals to choose from: While the database of freelancers they have access to may appear substantial, in actuality, they can only provide you with a limited range of candidates that meet your requirements. This is because all headhunting firms compete for the same pool of freelancers available in the national market, resulting in higher costs for those who are available.

Hard to get the best talents

Many highly desirable freelancers prefer not to work with headhunting firms because they feel these firms devalue their expertise and lower their rates.

No backup developer

Due to their business model, they cannot provide a backup developer with a similar skill set in the event of a problem.

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Fourth option: hire yourself through online freelancing platforms

When a company chooses to hire a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant, it primarily turns to online freelancing platforms such as Upwork, People per Hour, Truelancer, Guru, Hubstaff, etc.


Large pool of talents

On these platforms, there are numerous skilled contractors registered for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. This gives you a vast selection of freelancers to choose from in order to find the perfect professional for your needs.

Easy to use

These platforms are user-friendly. To get started, simply register and post a detailed job description that includes order specifics, estimated budget, and deadlines. Freelancers will then apply to your order, and you can review their profiles to find the best fit for the job.


They offer affordable rates, both hourly and with fixed prices.

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Low prices do not equate to a high quality

Regrettably, inexpensive rates do not correspond to a superior level of expertise. It is quite common to come across situations where inexperienced or inadequately skilled professionals in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud are hired through these platforms.


Finding the perfect contractor, conducting interviews, and other related tasks can be incredibly time-consuming.

Lack of responsiveness

Some contractors may not be responsive to your job request, leading to a lack of communication and delayed responses.

No talent vetting

None of the contractors listed on these platforms have undergone a verification process.

Scam risks

It is possible for businesses seeking freelancers to be scammed by fraudulent contractors who have registered on these platforms, although it is not a common occurrence.

No support

If you are unhappy with the contractors you’ve hired, their customer support may not provide any assistance. Your only option may be to repeat the arduous process of searching for a more suitable candidate.

Then how to find talented, affordable, and reliable Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultants?

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Our recommendation: Transformyze

Transformyze is a platform that connects users with trustworthy developers for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

To put it simply, you won’t have to deal with inexperienced individuals, fraudsters, or unqualified candidates that can cost you time and money.

With Transformyze, hiring your next Salesforce Financial Services Cloud developer is now safe and simple with just a few clicks. We guarantee that you will receive top-notch work at a reasonable price by collaborating with developers from 14 different countries.


4-step screening process

Every specialist in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud undergoes a screening procedure to assess their expertise in the subject matter, professionalism, and communication skills. This evaluation encompasses:

Resume review

We discard any candidate who fails to meet our criteria and compile a selection of the most suitable applications to be evaluated in the following phase.

Step1: Resume review
Step 2: Language and soft skills

Language and soft skills evaluation

As part of our evaluation process, we thoroughly assess the applicant's English communication skills, both written and oral. We also take into consideration the candidate's personality traits and motivations, as a developer's role involves more than just coding. Our ideal candidate should possess the ability to innovate, collaborate, meet deadlines, and empathize with the end-user perspective.

Hard skills review

Our team of senior developers and architects thoroughly evaluates the technical and Salesforce knowledge of each candidate, along with their problem-solving abilities, through a range of assessments including Apex, Ampscript, SSJS, IDE, and more.

Step 3: Hard skills review
Step 4: Continued professional excellence

Continued professional excellence

We guarantee that all experts affiliated with the Transformyze network have a proven history of successfully completed client projects.


Quick matching

We understand the importance of your time and the urgency of your project. Hence, Transformyze ensures to connect you with the most suitable Salesforce Financial Services Cloud consultant in a mere 72 hours.

Guaranteed replacement

We assure the prompt replacement of the developer within a time frame of 72 hours or less.

Flexible project terms

Various project options are available based on your availability and preferences: full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

Direct communication

Directly engage in communication with the developer in order to discuss project specifications, revision requests, concerns, and more.

Weekly project status

Weekly project updates will be provided proactively, eliminating the need for any formal requests.

Internal Technical Project Manager

We provide an internal Technical Project Manager to enhance the quality of the developer’s delivery without any extra charges.

Real customer support

Dedicated customer support: Your designated Customer Success representative is available to assist you with any problem you may encounter.


We are constantly adding new software ecosystems, but there may be some technologies that we cannot currently assist with.

To see which ecosystems we support, please check here.

Experience our services for a period of 14 days with no risk involved.

Begin working together with your developer for a test duration of two weeks. If you are not satisfied, there will be no charge.


From $45 to $80 per hour
  • Hundred of Salesforce developers and other specialists available
  • Hand-picked matching in less than 72 hours
  • Developer time tracking with screenshots
  • Free internal technical Project Manager
  • Full-time, part-time, hourly engagement available
  • Developer replacement guarantee
  • Dedicated customer success manager


Custom pricing
  • All Solo talent benefits
  • Your "Salesforce team as service" on-demand
  • Combine any kind of talents
  • Affordable blended and degressive rate according to the number of talents needed
  • Scale up or scale down at anytime your team according to your needs
  • Adapt to any kind of purpose: join existing team, autonomous team, implementation or support activities,etc.

Let us simplify your Salesforce talent hiring process in few clicks

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Frequently asked questions

What are my payment terms and options?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. Also, We typically invoice our clients twice a month.

Our invoices are generated with Net 10 terms.

We can issue invoicing with payment via PO, wire or cheque for Enterprise accounts. Contact us here or click on the chat icon for more information.

Who owns the Intellectual Property of the work created by Transformyze talent?

As stated in our client agreement, the client retains ownership of any Intellectual Property derived from Transformyze and has the exclusive rights to publish it worldwide. Neither Transformyze nor its employees have any claim to the Intellectual Property of the created work.

How Does The 14-Day No-Risk Trial Work?​

According to our client agreement, the client retains full ownership and exclusive publishing rights worldwide for any Intellectual Property generated by Transformyze. Neither Transformyze nor its employees possess any ownership rights over the created work’s Intellectual Property.

We offer a trial period of up to two weeks at the beginning of each engagement. This gives you the opportunity to assess whether the professional we have selected for you will meet your expectations.

Once our task is finished, we will provide you with an invoice for the duration expended. Our objective is to ensure that you are fully contented with the outcomes before any charges are incurred. In the event of dissatisfaction, we have two options: we can halt the process or assist you in locating another expert who is more suitable for your requirements, at no additional expense. This approach allows you to make a fresh attempt with a different professional without any risk involved.

Where are your talents located?

Presently, we have knowledgeable individuals in more than 15 nations, with the majority of them situated in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Do Transformyze talents communicate in my preferred language(s)?

Transformyze’s team comprises individuals with excellent proficiency in both verbal and written English. Additionally, they possess fluency in languages like French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Should your project necessitate particular language expertise, kindly inform us, and we will assign a team member who is best suited to fulfill your requirements.