Transformyze is a platform that connects startup founders, SMBs, and larger organizations leaders with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developers (Salesforce B2C Demandware developers). These experts include developers, architects, and other specialists. By working with Transformyze, businesses can supplement their development teams and attain their desired business objectives.

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Are you looking for a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer at an affordable price?

Easier said than done

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware, is a cloud-based e-commerce platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their online retail operations. It is part of the larger Salesforce Customer 360 suite of products and services.

B2C Commerce Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to enable businesses to create and operate their own branded online stores. It offers a scalable and secure infrastructure that handles various aspects of e-commerce, including product catalog management, customer data management, order management, payment processing, and marketing automation.

To clarify, the maintenance and improvement of your B2C Commerce Cloud solution requires specific attention.

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Three questions

The only three questions you need to answer first are:
  • What is the pricing for hiring a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer?
  • Where can one locate B2C Commerce Cloud developers who possess satisfactory expertise and prioritize customer success?
  • How can one acquire the services of experienced B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers?

For answers, just read on.

Firstly option: Hire a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Developer as an employee

If you’re considering hiring a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Developer, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against the potential implications. Careful consideration is key.

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More project engagement

Increased project engagement can be achieved when team members working on the same project have regular face-to-face conversations. This allows for better communication and collaboration, resulting in a more efficient workflow. Talking about the project on a regular basis can help to keep things moving forward.

A more robust level of employee loyalty.

By providing your in-house developers with opportunities for growth and a stable salary, you increase the likelihood that they will remain with your company for the long term and maintain a vested interest in its success.

Easier to keep company information secret

Maintaining the confidentiality of company information is simpler when you have in-house developers who can agree to refrain from using any ideas or concepts from your products and sharing them with competitors upon their departure.


High Salary

At least $106,843 for a yearly salary for a US Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer. 

Company-Paid Benefits

Lots of startups, companies, and businesses are offering special benefits such as unlimited paid leave, unlimited coffee, also free gym memberships, moreover and much more to attract top talents. These are all costs that should be factored into hiring full-time developers. Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the most basic company-paid benefits according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Legally required benefits (Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance): 8.5%
  • Insurance (medical, dental, life): 7.6%
  • Paid Leave: 6.7%
  • Retirement and savings: 4.3%
  • Annual Bonus: 3.5%
  • Supplemental pay (overtime and premium): 2.6%
  • Employment training tax: 0.1% on first $7,000

Indirect costs refer to the expenses incurred by a company that are not directly attributed to a specific project or product. These costs, which can be categorized into fringe benefits, overhead, and general & administrative (G&A), are essential for the day-to-day functioning of the company. On average, companies allocate around 25% and 18% of their employees’ salaries towards overhead and G&A expenses, respectively.

To put it differently, if a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud specialist is hired on a full-time basis, the actual cost would amount to $188,264.

Seniors in the United Kingdom receive an annual salary of £78,500, equivalent to $94,000. Although this amount is comparatively more affordable, it remains quite expensive for numerous startups and SMBs.

Office Rent

Just to give you an idea, the average cost of renting an office space in a city like New York is around $15,000 per employee per year.

Unstable Workloads

When working with in-house developers, you have to pay them even when there is no work to do.


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Second option: Hire a Salesforce integration company

Companies that specialize in integrating software can be broadly focused or solely dedicated to Salesforce. These companies come in various sizes and specialize in different aspects of Salesforce’s “Clouds”. They provide comprehensive services for implementing Salesforce from start to finish.



Companies specializing in Salesforce integration have the expertise to handle projects of various scales and levels of complexity.

Internal pool of talents

They have the capability to mobilize a diverse range of experts, including Business Analysts, Developers, Architects, QA specialists, and more. These professionals strive to fulfill your specific needs and preferences.

Market verticals specialization

Companies that focus on integrating Salesforce have expertise in multiple industry sectors.

Project management office

They effectively manage projects and adhere to deadlines.

Point of contacts

Salesforce integration firms offer a range of contact individuals, such as Project Managers, Solution Specialists, and Account Managers, who are at your disposal to assist with resolving any issues you may encounter.

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Very expensive

Costly! In order to provide you with skilled Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developers, these companies have to incur significant expenses in their business operations, including full-time staff, training costs, taxes, compliance, sales development, insurance, office rent, and more.

No interest in small projects

Typically unenthusiastic about small-scale projects.

Cannot start immediately

Starting a project right away is not possible; some lead time is required to prepare for it.

Lack of flexibility

  • You are unable to swiftly initiate/stop/resume a project as per your requirements.
  • Sometimes, it can take several days for changes to be implemented in project scopes or tasks, and in some cases, these changes can lead to additional costs referred to as “penalty” costs.
  • It can be challenging to discontinue business relations with them because clients are required to agree to certain legal terms before collaborating with them.

Staff more people than needed

Some companies often have a tendency to employ a larger workforce than necessary for their projects.

Rely themselves on freelancers

They depend on independent contractors for numerous projects because they frequently lack experienced and skilled individuals in their team, resulting in a higher bill for you to settle and occasional challenges in integrating these freelancers with their teams.

Low-expertise offshore talents

Some integrators occasionally provide offshore developers, but while they may be less expensive compared to their counterparts in the Western region, their level of expertise is significantly inferior.

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Third option: Salesforce recruitment firm

In recent years, they have risen in popularity among companies seeking to overcome burdensome partnerships with integrators and instead seek out suitable freelance developers who specialize in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.


Existing database

The Salesforce recruitment agency already possesses a pool of freelance professionals who can be contacted.


Salesforce staffing agency specializing in Salesforce can locate candidates more quickly than you can.


Salesforce recruitment firms handle the pre-screening of candidates on your behalf.

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Limited screening

Most Salesforce staffing agencies lack the necessary expertise in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud to evaluate candidates thoroughly.

Not cheap

Not cheap: They apply a 10-30% markup on average on top of the already expensive western developers’ rate.

Limited pool of talents

Salesforce recruitment agencies often face the challenge of having a restricted talent pool. Despite having a significant database of freelancers, the actual number of candidates they can offer for specific needs is limited. This is because all headhunting firms are competing for the same pool of freelancers available in the national market, which ultimately drives up their prices.

Hard to get the best talents

Many highly sought-after freelancers are not fond of collaborating with headhunting agencies, as they believe it diminishes the value of their expertise and lowers their earning potential.

No backup developer

Due to the business model, they are unable to provide a backup developer possessing the same skill set in the event of an issue.

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Fourth option: hire yourself through online freelancing platforms

Organizations frequently utilize online freelance platforms like Upwork, People per Hour, Truelancer, Guru, and Hubstaff to find a Freelance Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer.


Large pool of talents

There is a vast selection of skilled Salesforce contractors listed on these platforms, giving you a diverse range of freelancers to choose from in order to find the perfect professional for your needs.

Easy to use

These platforms are easy to use. All you have to do is register and post a job description specifying order nuances, estimated budget, and deadlines. Freelancers will start applying to your order on their own; you’ll just need to look through their profiles and find the most suitable candidate.


Affordable hourly rates and set prices.

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Low prices do not equate to a high quality

It is crucial to remember that affordable prices do not necessarily indicate exceptional quality of work. As a result, it is common to encounter inexperienced or inadequately skilled contractors for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud on these platforms.

Time consuming

Finding the perfect contractor, going through the interview process, and so on can be quite a time-consuming endeavor.

Lack of responsiveness

Some contractors may not promptly respond to your job request, which can be frustrating.

No talent vetting

None of the contractors listed on these platforms have undergone a vetting process.

Scam risks

There are instances where fraudulent contractors on these platforms attempt to deceive businesses searching for freelancers. Although it is not a common occurrence, it is still possible.

No support

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the contractors you have hired, unfortunately, their customer support will not be of much help. Your only option is to go through the same arduous hiring process again in order to find a more suitable candidate.

Then how to find talented, affordable, and reliable Freelance Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developers?

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Our recommendation: Transformyze

Transformyze simplifies the process of hiring a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer, making it secure and easy with just a few clicks. By collaborating with developers from 14 different countries, Transformyze guarantees the delivery of top-notch work at a reasonable cost.

Transformyze is a platform designed to connect you with skilled and validated Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developers. You can rely on our screening process, ensuring that you avoid the hassle of working with inexperienced or unqualified developers who could potentially waste your valuable time and resources.

Transformyze offers a convenient solution to hire an exceptional Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer. With just a few clicks, you can secure their services and have confidence in receiving excellent work at a fair price. Additionally, Transformyze collaborates with developers from 14 diverse countries, ensuring you have access to the finest available choices.


4-step screening process

To become a Transformyze-approved Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer, one must undergo a screening process to assess their knowledge, professionalism, and communication skills. This process includes:

Resume review

Our screening process involves eliminating applicants who do not meet our requirements and selecting the most qualified applications for the next stage of review.

Step1: Resume review
Step 2: Language and soft skills

Language and soft skills evaluation

As part of our assessment process, we evaluate an applicant's proficiency in English communication, both verbal and written. Our evaluation goes beyond technical skills as we also consider the candidate's personality traits and motivations. We seek individuals who possess the ability to innovate, collaborate, meet deadlines and empathize with end users' perspectives.

Hard skills review

Our team of experienced developers and architects evaluate each candidate's technical knowledge of Salesforce, as well as their problem-solving skills, through a series of assessments that cover topics such as Apex, Ampscript, SSJS, IDE, and more.

Step 3: Hard skills review
Step 4: Continued professional excellence

Continued professional excellence

We guarantee that all experts within the Transformyze network have a proven history of successfully completing client projects.


Quick matching

Transformyze ensures that you find a suitable Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud developer within a quick timeframe of just 72 hours, acknowledging the importance of your time and the urgency of your project.

Guaranteed replacement

Assured substitution of the developer (within a timeframe of fewer than 72 hours)

Flexible project terms

Various project options are available, including full-time, part-time, and hourly arrangements.

Direct communication

Engage in direct communication with the developer in order to address project specifications, revision requests, concerns, and more.

Weekly project status

Furthermore, apart from our dedication to delivering high-quality output, we also emphasize the significance of transparency and effective communication with our valued clients. At Transformyze, we ensure that our clients are well-informed about the progress of their projects by providing them with weekly updates, proactively and without their need to ask for it.

Internal Technical Project Manager

At Transformyze, we offer an Internal Technical Project Manager to supervise the development process and improve the quality of our developers’ deliverables. This additional level of quality control is provided to our clients at no extra charge, guaranteeing that the end product meets the most rigorous standards.

Real customer support

At Transformyze, providing excellent customer support is our main focus. Our highly skilled Customer Success team is ready to help you with any problems you might come across, guaranteeing that you receive top-notch service.


We are constantly adding new software ecosystems, but there may be some technologies that we cannot currently assist with.

To see which ecosystems we support, please check here.

Try Us Up to 14 days For a no-risk trial period

Begin working with your developer on a trial basis for two weeks. If you are not completely satisfied, you will not be charged.


From $45 to $80 per hour
  • Hundred of Salesforce developers and other specialists available
  • Hand-picked matching in less than 72 hours
  • Developer time tracking with screenshots
  • Free internal technical Project Manager
  • Full-time, part-time, hourly engagement available
  • Developer replacement guarantee
  • Dedicated customer success manager


Custom pricing
  • All Solo talent benefits
  • Your "Salesforce team as service" on-demand
  • Combine any kind of talents
  • Affordable blended and degressive rate according to the number of talents needed
  • Scale up or scale down at anytime your team according to your needs
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Let us simplify your Salesforce talent hiring process in few clicks

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Frequently asked questions

What are my payment terms and options?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. Also, We typically invoice our clients twice a month.

Our invoices are generated with Net 10 terms.

We can issue invoicing with payment via PO, wire or cheque for Enterprise accounts. Contact us here or click on the chat icon for more information.

Who owns the Intellectual Property of the work created by Transformyze talent?

As per the client agreement, any Intellectual Property generated through Transformyze belongs to the client, who holds exclusive publishing rights worldwide. Transformyze and its employees do not have any ownership rights over the Intellectual Property of the created work.

How Does The 14-Day No-Risk Trial Work?​

At the beginning of every project, we offer a two-week trial period where you can evaluate the assigned professional and determine if they meet your expectations. This allows you to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the engagement.

Once we complete our work, we will send you a detailed invoice for the time that was invested. Our main priority is ensuring your total satisfaction, which is why we will only proceed with billing once we have confirmed your contentment with the final outcome. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the results, we are ready to halt the project or connect you with a more suitable professional, all without any additional charges. This allows you the opportunity to start fresh with a different specialist, eliminating any financial risks involved.

Where are your talents located?

At present, we possess skilled solution experts in 15 countries, mainly located in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Do Transformyze talents communicate in my preferred language(s)?

Our team members at Transformyze possess exceptional proficiency in both verbal and written English, along with fluency in other languages including French, Spanish, and Portuguese. If your project necessitates specific language expertise, kindly inform us, and we will assign a team member who can cater to your requirements most efficiently.